Nernst H series heated oxygen probe

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The probe is equipped with a heater, and the applicable temperature is 0℃~900℃. Generally, standard gas calibration is not required (can be calibrated by ambient air). The probe has high oxygen measurement accuracy, fast response speed, no signal drift and strong corrosion resistance during use.

Probe surface material: 316L stainless steel.

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The Nernst H series heated oxygen probe is used to directly measure the oxygen content in the flue gas discharged from boilers, furnaces, kilns, dryers, and various combustion processes or after combustion.

The probe can be directly connected to Nernst’s oxygen analyzer. It can also be connected to oxygen analyzers and oxygen sensors produced by other companies. The oxygen probe has a wide range of oxygen measurement, from the 10-30 to 100% oxygen content, it can be used to indirectly measure high-temperature water vapor, carbon potential, and high-temperature dew point.

The working temperature that the probe can withstand can range from ambient temperature to 900°C high temperature.

Specifications and technical parameters

Model: H series heated oxygen probe

Shell material: 316L stainless steel

Application flue gas temperature: below 900°C

Temperature control: The probe has its own heater to keep the temperature of the zirconium head constant.

Thermocouple: Type K

Heating time: about 15 to 30 minutes to reach the rated temperature of 700°C. (Related to flue gas temperature)

Installation and connection: The probe comes with 1.5″BSP or NPT thread. The user can process the matching flange of the furnace wall according to the attached drawing in the instruction manual.

 Reference gas: The gas pump in the analyzer supplies about 50 ml/min. Use the gas for the instrument and supply the gas through the pressure reducing valve and float flow meter provided by the user. The manufacturer provides the PVC connecting pipe from the float flowmeter to the sensor and the connector at the sensor end with the transmitter.

Gas connection pipe: PVC pipe with an outer diameter of 1/4″ (6.4mm) and an inner diameter of 4 (mm).

Check gas connection: The sensor has an air inlet that can pass check gas. When it is not checked, it is closed by a bulkhead. When calibrating the air, the flow rate is controlled at about 1000 ml per minute. The manufacturer provides 1/8″NPT threaded pipe joints that can be connected to PVC pipes.

Zirconium battery life: 4-6 years of continuous operation. It depends on the flue gas composition and temperature. Intermittent operation will affect the service life, and the heater should be kept running continuously.

Response time: less than 4 seconds

 Filter: Stainless steel movable type. Filter outer diameter ¢42 (mm)

 Probe protection tube outer diameter: ¢32 (mm)

Probe junction box temperature: <130°C

Probe electrical connection: direct plug socket type or aviation plug socket.

 Weight: 0.6Kg plus 0.33Kg/100mm length.

Calibration: After the initial installation of the system is stable, it needs to be checked once.


Standard model Explosion-proof model Length
H0050 H0050(EX) 50mm
H0150 H0150(EX) 150mm
H0190 H0190(EX) 190mm
H0250 H0250(EX) 250mm
H0350 H0350(EX) 350mm
H0500 H0500(EX) 500mm
H0750 H0750(EX) 750mm
H1000 H1000(EX) 1000mm
H1500 H1500(EX) 1500mm

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