Nernst N32-FZSX integrated oxygen analyzer

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The Nernst N32-FZSX integrated oxygen analyzer is an integrated structure product. It can be widely used in the detection of oxygen content in the combustion process of various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, and incineration. The Nernst N32-FZSX integrated oxygen analyzer can directly monitor the oxygen content in the flue gas of boilers, sintering furnaces, heating furnaces, etc. during or after combustion.

Technical characteristics

 Input function: The integrated oxygen analyzer displays the measured oxygen content in real time.

Output control: The analyzer has a 4-20mA current output signal.

 Measurement range: -33.4mV~280.0mV (750°C).

Alarm setting: The analyzer has arbitrarily adjustable high and low oxygen alarm output.

 Field connection: A power cord and a signal line are directly connected to the analyzer.

• Intelligent system: The analyzer can complete the functions of various settings according to the predetermined settings.

• Display function: The analyzer can display real-time oxygen content, probe temperature, real-time oxygen millivolt value and other 8 status displays.

 Safety function: When the furnace is out of use, the user can control to turn off the heater of the probe to ensure safety during use.

 Easy installation: The probe and the analyzer adopt an integrated design, which is easy to install.

Technical parameter

Power supply

Analyzer power

Probe heating method

Probe heating temperature

AC 200V~260V

25W+50W (probe)

PID control


Display method

Oxygen measurement


reaction speed

LED display

-33.4mV~280.0mV (750°C) Measurement accuracy ±1%Repeat accuracy ±0.5% Indirect heating measurement 3 secondsDirect heating for 30 seconds

Probe response speed 0.0001 seconds

Display mode

Output method

Alarm function

Reference gas

Normal work fixed display oxygen concentration8 cyclable display modes 4-20mA transmission output High and low oxygen alarms can be set arbitrarily. External supply

working environment

Operation interface

Installation method

Ambient temperature: 0~40°CRelative humidity: ≤85%

Surrounding environment: no strong magnetic field.

No strong oscillation, flammable, corrosive gas.

Places not exposed to strong sunlight.

Three touch buttons

In-line installation

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