World-class oxygen analysis technology for optimal combustion efficiency and compliance with international environmental regulations Envirotech Online

       Nernst control offers a modular platform for oxygen analyzers built around zirconia sensor technology that provides the perfect solution for combustion control in boilers, incinerators and furnaces.This state-of-the-art device helps reduce CO2, CO, SOx and NOx emissions and saves energy – and extends the life of the combustion unit.
       Nernst’s analyzers are widely used to continuously measure the oxygen concentration in combustion exhaust gases emitted by industrial boilers and furnaces.It is ideal for combustion management and control in applications such as waste incinerators as well as boilers of all sizes to control combustion and thus significantly reduce energy costs.
       The measuring principle of the instrument is based on zirconia, which conducts oxygen ions when heated.The analyzer measures oxygen concentration by sensing the electromotive force generated by the difference in oxygen concentration in the air and sample gas.
       Nernst has many years of experience in providing state-of-the-art instruments for some of the harshest environments and industrial conditions.Their technologies are ubiquitous in some of the most demanding industries, such as steel, oil and petrochemical, energy, ceramics, food and beverage, paper and pulp, and textiles.
       This versatile and user-friendly analyzer platform securely and reliably transmits measurement data via the new Hart protocol with RS-485 standard electrical signals.It is designed to facilitate the reduction of excess air in the combustion process, resulting in significant cost savings through improved combustion efficiency.Zirconia sensors have a much longer life expectancy than other sensors in their class, and replacement is quick and easy, which means less maintenance and associated delays.No air supply or fume extraction required – the instrument typically generates measurements within 4-7 seconds and performs predictive and advanced diagnostics.
       The device also includes several important safety features.A converter shuts down power to the detector if a burnout thermocouple is detected, it can also be cut off quickly and easily in an emergency, and the key-lock facility significantly reduces the possibility of operator error.

Post time: Jun-22-2022