The water vapor and oxygen content can be measured simultaneously on the fire-resistant combustion test equipment

Refractory combustion test equipment is widely used in the study of fire characteristics and combustion performance, as well as the formulation of flame retardant industry standards. It is necessary to measure the oxygen content of the flue gas after combustion, and also to measure the water vapour content of the flue gas at high temperature. 

Nernst’s HMV probe and N2035 water vapour analyzer are perfectly matched to this type of equipment. Users only need to install an HMV probe on the pipeline, which is connected to the water vapour analyzer through cables and reference pipes.

The probe is suitable for temperatures from 0 to 900 °C.The N2035 water vapour analyzer has two outputs, the first is the oxygen content (1×10-30 to 100%), and the second is the water vapor content (0 to 100%). Users can get two important parameters of oxygen content and water vapour content without purchasing another set of oxygen analyzers, which saves costs and simplifies operation.


After the national flame retardant industry standard participating units use our company’s products, the research on fire characteristics and combustion characteristics is supported by accurate data.

Post time: Nov-10-2022