Nernst Completes Oxygen Measurement Retrofit Project with Corrosive Gas Cracking Furnace for Electronic Materials Manufacturer

Recently, our company received an electronic material production enterprise cracking furnace oxygen measurement system renovation project.

Our company arrived at the site to investigate and found that the original cracking furnace needed to measure the oxygen content at two points. At the same time, the two points were relatively close. Therefore, two sets of other brands of zirconia probe oxygen analyzers were installed on the original cracking furnace. And other brands of zirconia probe oxygen analyzer, the measured oxygen content data is not accurate, can not use the oxygen content data to control production. In addition, due to the presence of acid gas in the cracking furnace, the service life of the original zirconia probes of other brands is extremely short after being corroded.


Our company makes a transformation plan according to the actual situation of the site. One Nernst N2032 oxygen analyzer of our company was used in the cracking furnace with two Nernst H series heated oxygen probes. Due to the special design of Nernst’s zirconia probe, the oxygen measurement accuracy is high, the data does not drift, and the production can be accurately controlled according to the measured oxygen content. Nernst’s zirconia probes have corrosion-resistant construction, are not afraid of acid gases, and have a long service life.


After the original cracking furnace was transformed with our company’s Nernst products, the oxygen measurement accuracy met the production requirements, and the probe was not found to be corroded by acid gas. And because our company’s Nernst N2032 oxygen analyzer can carry two Nernst zirconia probes in one analyzer at the same time, it also reduces the user’s procurement cost, and the user is very satisfied.

Post time: Jun-01-2022